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Two new studies have highlighted examples of the cybersecurity challenges that businesses face on a daily basis, be it from malicious hackers or the actions of their own employees. All of which makes GK Apprenticeship’s new partnership with Bletchley Park Qufaro particularly timely.

According to a Mimecast’s latest quarterly Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) report, 80% of businesses have seen an increase in impersonation and business email compromise attacks over the past three months.

The company inspected over 142 million emails that passed through organisations’ email security vendors and also discovered that 19,086,877 pieces of spam, 13,176 emails containing dangerous file types and 15,656 malware attachments had all been missed and were actually delivered to users’ inboxes.

Matthew Gardiner, a cybersecurity strategist at Mimecast, explained the implications of targeted malware, impersonation attacks and phishing threats still reaching employee inboxes, saying, “This leaves organisations at risk of a data breach and financial loss.” He went on to emphasise that “…these are difficult attacks to identify without specialised security capabilities.”

But of course, it is not just external hackers who pose threats to business data. There are also disgruntled employees using their administrative privileges to access, compromise or steal sensitive information. And the potential for such attacks has been reinforced by a recent survey of 179 security professionals.

The results revealed that almost half (43%) believed they could execute a successful attack on their own organisation. Only a third felt it would be difficult or impossible to carry out a successful insider theft, with the balance believing they would have a 50/50 chance.

And the potential danger of this type of threat is highlighted by figures which suggest that 33% of organisations would take weeks or even months to discover an employee’s malicious attack, whilst 14% would never actually know!

What does all of this mean for cybersecurity skills?

The reality is that demand for such skills has never been greater and currently demand is significantly outstripping supply (45% of UK organisations now admit they have a shortage of cybersecurity skills, compared with 28% just two years ago).

Addressing these cybersecurity skills shortages will be key and GK Apprenticeships (GKA) is taking a lead through its recently announced partnership with Bletchley Park Qufaro to jointly develop and deliver cyber security apprenticeships.

The partnership will provide scalable and high-quality cyber security training to be delivered to the full spectrum of employers, ranging from large corporates to small and medium-sized enterprises.

For more information about this exciting collaboration click here.

Mel Jones

European Product Manager

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