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VMware and AWS have added new features to their VMware Cloud on AWS service aimed at accelerating cloud migration and simplifying hybrid cloud deployments, whilst also making it generally available to customers in Europe.

Originally launched around six months ago, VMware Cloud on AWS allows VMware customers to run their workloads in the AWS public cloud using the same VMware software stack. Initially limited to the U.S., the hybrid cloud service is now available in the AWS London region, with Frankfurt “coming soon”.

The wider availability comes hand-in-hand with a range of important new features, enabling customers to migrate current and new workloads to the cloud with the focus on functionality, agility, security and performance. These include:

  • Applications are protected against different types of failures, from data centre and availability zone outages, to host and VM-level failures. VMware Cloud on AWS will provide zero recovery point objective (RPO) high availability for any application across AWS Availability Zones (AZ)
  • Data-intensive application enhancements that take advantage of VMware’s native vSAN compression and deduplication technologies in order to reduce the total cost of ownership for customers (it’s claimed that users can cut storage costs in half using the technology, while also reducing idle resources)
  • VMware vMotion, a new migration service for use between on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS, and between hosts across clusters within a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
  • Support for VMware Horizon which will enable customers to easily deploy and run Horizon virtual desktops and applications on VMware Cloud on AWS – extending on-premises desktop services via the cloud without buying additional hardware, and co-locating virtual desktops or published applications near latency-sensitive applications in the cloud

In addition, support is also added for VMware Cost Insight and VMware Log Intelligence. Cost Insight is a software-as-a-service that enables customers to understand the true cost of migration to VMware Cloud on AWS based on real inventory data drawn from VMware vCenter.

Log Intelligence, meanwhile, enables real-time visibility into infrastructure audit logs and application logs to isolate problems quickly for faster troubleshooting. Both Cost Insight and Log Intelligence are available as a free trial to VMware Cloud on AWS customers.

Mark Lohmeyer, vice president and general manager of the Cloud Platform Business Unit at VMware commented, “Customers across virtually every industry are adopting VMware Cloud on AWS because it gives them a scalable, operationally consistent hybrid cloud that meets their most business-critical use cases.”

Glyn Roberts
Operations Director

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