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Our customers are changing in so many ways. One significant change surrounds the quality of experience where they now expect the same exemplary show, regardless of vertical or industry. Don’t be lulled into thinking that’s just those external to your organization. Your own colleagues now expect more. Those we serve customers, consumers or colleagues have higher expectations. Now higher expectations means what we deliver must rise to meet the challenge. As a former colleague of mine would say, “It’s true story”.
So, I get that people sometimes want “pizzazz” and that can sway their opinion of you. However, I also get the impression that we often spend too much time on “wow” and not enough on “how”. Glitz and glam alone are not enough. Many of us just want basics covered first. For technology professionals and IT departments that means expectations met in a consistent way, regardless of channel, and most certainly independent of how your organisation structures itself.

Based on recent market analysis by The Economist and my own observations here are the 4 areas of experience to focus on in 2018:

Don’t ignore me; Get back to customers and colleagues alike quickly and personally. Even if it’s only a holding message giving a time you’ll respond fully. Try to avoid the automated response particularly with apologetic language. It just doesn’t wash.

Make it easy for me; It’s an old sales idiom “make it as easy to purchase as possible”. Take this a step further and make it as easy for people to get the information or service they need, when and where they need it.

I’m busy…so when’s it happening?; The ability to track ‘stuff’ in real time be it a service request, a change or a fault resolution is now becoming a hygiene factor in the on-line retail world. Why do we lag so far behind in IT of all places?

Can we communicate?; The ability to communicate with you via multiple channels (with no reduction in quality) is vital. Be careful when using AI…people are already good at spotting it and its flaws.

Put simply, if basic expectations aren’t met then all the fancy gizmos, whizz-bangs and excitement factors in the world are worth diddly! In 2018, temper your rush for tech with a heavy dose of understanding the basic needs of your colleagues and customers.

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