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Lambda@Edge is now generally available for all AWS customers, enabling them to create web-based user experiences that are both rich and personal.

Having being previewed since last December, this new Lambda feature can be used to run Node.js functions across AWS locations globally without provisioning or managing servers, allowing customers to deliver richer, more personalised content with low latency to their users.

With Lambda@Edge, it is possible to run code to customise web pages based on each individual request, create custom authentication logic that executes globally and simplify the delivery of secure custom headers. In addition, you can now make remote network calls to access resources on the internet on origin facing events, and generate dynamic web content from scratch (real time and inline) with your requests.

According to a blog by AWS’s Chief Technologist, Jeff Barr, there are many compelling use cases for ‘intelligent’ processing of HTTP requests at a location that is close (latency-wise) to the customer, and these include:

  • Inspecting cookies and rewriting URLs to perform A/B testing
  • Sending specific objects to your users based on the User-Agent header
  • Implementing access control by looking for specific headers before passing requests to the origin
  • Adding, dropping or modifying headers to direct users to different cached objects
  • Generating new HTTP responses
  • Cleanly supporting legacy URLs

The pricing for this new feature is based on the number of times that your functions are invoked and the amount of time that they run.

Global Knowledge

With the accelerating adoption of cloud computing and the AWS Cloud around the world, organisations are increasingly seeking ways to identify individuals with demonstrated knowledge of AWS best practices. Visit our website and contact an account manager for more information.

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