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We take a look at some of the latest news coming out of Microsoft on the acquisition and partnership fronts, with the focus on cloud monitoring and biometrics authentication.

Firstly to the announcement that Microsoft is acquiring Cloudyn, an Isreali-based cloud monitoring and analytics firm.

Cloudyn claims that its services monitor “over 15% of total global cloud spend” generating information about public clouds in terms of use, cost and performance. Users get dashboard views of various cloud services, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, OpenStack and Microsoft Azure. Cloudyn also offers a service for monitoring Docker Container use.

Its main product CloudynDex is used by enterprises as a benchmark for tracking public cloud use, providing a performance index that compares their use of cloud services with the statistics of other companies. CloudynDex also provides recommendations to organisations on how they can improve their cloud services use.

“Cloudyn gives enterprise customers tools to identify, measure and analyse consumption, enable accountability and forecast future cloud spending” said Jeremy Winter, director of program management for Azure Security and Operations.

Meanwhile Microsoft is continuing to provide users with new and innovative ways to unlock their Windows 10 devices by partnering with Token to offer a biometric identity ring.

This new biometric unlocking system will provide Windows 10 users with a new way to stay secure without the requirement to create and use passwords. Microsoft has said that 80% of Windows 10 users are currently using the same passwords across multiple accounts which is making it easy for hackers to access devices.

The Token biometric ring will be compatible with the company’s Windows Hello offering which can use face or fingerprint recognition to authenticate users in lieu of passwords for Windows 10 devices. Token uses a fingerprint sensor on the inside of the ring. As long as users keep the ring on, they can authenticate with a hand tap. Once the ring is taken off, Token locks users’ credentials.

The Token rings will be available during December 2017 in the US, but we will have to wait until 2018 for them to make an appearance in Europe.

Finally, there was also an interesting development on the open source front as Microsoft announced it was joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

The company first announced support for the popular open source platform some two years ago and subsequently added Pivotal Cloud Foundry to the Azure Marketplace last year.

However, it is now making a significantly bigger commitment with Corey Sanders, the company’s Director of Compute, Azure confirming an intention to “deeply collaborate and innovate in the open community.”

In addition to joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Microsoft is also extending Cloud Foundry integration with Azure. This includes back-end integration with Azure Database (PostgreSQL and MySQL) and cloud broker support for SQL Database, Service Bus, and Cosmos DB.

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