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14 Sep 2015 | Linda Smith | No Comments | 246 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, VMware
VMware Appoints New Chief Technology Officer Ahead of VMworld

For a business primarily focused on virtualisation and the cloud, finding a new Chief Technology Officer is kind of a big deal. Introducing Ray O’Farrell– VMware’s new CTO and existing Chief Development Officer (CDO). Old CTO Replaced a Week Before VMworld Conference The timing of the appointment has not exactly been ideal– with just a […]

9 Sep 2015 | Linda Smith | No Comments | 632 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, VMware
VMware rolls out solutions to support Windows 10

VMware is putting its full force behind the new operating system as it announces purpose-built solutions for internal IT departments aimed at helping them to manage devices, deliver all application types and activate the new features introduced in Windows 10. The new services include AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management (AMM) which will support all new capabilities […]

12 Aug 2015 | Linda Smith | No Comments | 556 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, VMware
VMware identified as leader in virtual client computing software

VMware has been positioned as a leader in IDC’s recent Worldwide Virtual Client Computing Software 2015 Vendor Assessment report.   IDC sees the virtual client computing (VCC) market as now entering its maturity phase — in 2014, the total market was worth £1.95 billion, a growth of 6.9% from 2013. This has encouraged vendors to expand their […]

27 Jul 2015 | Linda Smith | No Comments | 542 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, Microsoft, VMware
VMware vs. Microsoft: An Exchange Blogging Battle

Were you aware that some of tech’s biggest brands had a little lovers’ tiff recently? No? Well, unless you keep an eye on their business blogs then you may not. So, let’s take a look at how this blog battle went down and what is likely to come of it.   VMware vs. Microsoft: What Was Said? […]

10 Jul 2015 | Linda Smith | No Comments | 349 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, VMware
Benefits of Cloud Computing for HR Organisations

HR is a frequently forgotten integral part to your business. The staff here may not be client facing and cashing in on sales, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do an important job. From hiring and firing to payroll and tax, your company can’t succeed without an effective human resources employee or department. And you […]

1 Jun 2015 | Linda Smith | No Comments | 400 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, VMware
VMware opts for open source to accelerate adoption of cloud-native applications

Two new projects have recently been announced by VMware to enable the enterprise adoption of cloud-native applications, but why have they chosen the open source approach? The two initiatives are: Project Lightwave, an identity and access management project that will extend enterprise-scale and security to cloud-native applications; and Project Photon, a lightweight Linux operating system […]

4 May 2015 | Linda Smith | No Comments | 537 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, VMware
VMware promotes collaboration with new bundle

Organisations looking to give end users more comprehensive content and social collaboration tools can do so with a new suite from VMware. The drivers for the new offering are very much communities engaging through consumer social networks like Facebook and YouTube, and friends and family sharing photos and videos in new ways with applications like […]

13 Apr 2015 | ukblog | No Comments | 2,268 views | Categories: Cisco, Featured, Headline, IBM, Learning and Technology News, Microsoft, VMware
2015 First Quarter: An IT Training Roundup

The first quarter of 2015 has come and gone. But despite the fact it flew by in a blink of an eye there were a number of great developments in the world of IT training.   Here we roundup a few of the biggest and best announcements in one place: Microsoft Has Released a New Book! Scenario-Focused […]

10 Apr 2015 | Kat Harwood | No Comments | 636 views | Categories: Cisco, Featured, Headline, Microsoft, VMware
Big Data Requires Big Investment: Could you be a Part of it?

We talk about big data a lot in this blog (you can catch up here), but did you realise there will be big investment in it this year? Of course, with any emerging technology comes the requirement for more knowledge, trained professionals and yes, money. We take a look at these investment requirements and what that […]

8 Apr 2015 | Linda Smith | No Comments | 925 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, VMware
VMWare vs. Citrix: The Virtualisation Battle

VMware has long been the king of the virtualisation world, but with new emerging technology companies, are its competitors breaching the gap in preparation to overthrow the crown? Here we take a look at the two big dogs that are battling it out to rule over the virtualisation market. VMware Vs. Citrix For a long […]