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28 Jul 2014 | Kat Harwood | No Comments | 263 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, Uncategorized
What Does ‘The Internet of Things’ Mean for Business?

What is ‘The Internet of Things’, and what does it mean for your business? Find out all you need to know about this latest innovation here.  If someone had said to you 20 years ago that you would carry a mobile phone that is small enough to fit in your pocket, and that you would be […]

24 Jul 2014 | Mel Jones | One Comment | 634 views | Categories: Cisco, Featured, Headline, Uncategorized
Does SDN signal a decline in the demand for CCIE’s ?

Everyone has an opinion on the future of Cisco’s CCIE Certification, but in reality I think it is far too early to tell. All of the major vendors plan to have an SDN solution, with the battle for mindshare beginning months ago even if the solutions are not quite there yet. Will the intelligence be in […]

18 Jul 2014 | Kat Harwood | No Comments | 426 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, Uncategorized
Is Cross-Training Staff A Good Idea?

When it comes to providing training for your staff it can be hard to decide who goes on which course, and how this can benefit your establishment. Have you ever considered cross-training? What is Cross Training? Cross-training is the term given to the activity of training employees in areas of business in which they do […]

16 Jul 2014 | Kat Harwood | No Comments | 420 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, Uncategorized
80% of People Who Brain Train Improve Memory

When it comes to improving your memory it is important to be hydrated, rested and take vitamins, but did you know you can train your brain? Here’s how: Have you ever wished that you could remember things better? Are you constantly forgetting people’s names or how to do certain tasks that you only do occasionally? […]

16 Sep 2013 | Linda Smith | No Comments | 1,518 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, Uncategorized
Citrix XenDesktop 7 on Windows Azure expands delivery options

Citrix XenDesktop7 expands session desktops to Windows Azure to support live session roaming, rich user-interface media experiences and multiple device types. Citrix can now enable enterprise customers and service providers to deliver high-performance mobile apps and Windows Server-based session desktops from Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud platform. The move comes about following Microsoft’s recent decision to […]

2 Sep 2013 | ukblog | No Comments | 2,090 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, ITIL & Service Management, Uncategorized
The practicalities of sponsorship and Project Boards in project governance

From project sponsor to senior suppliers, John Eary examines how an effective Project Board can enhance the successful governance of projects.  The awareness of project management theory is now widespread. Many books have been published and over one million people have taken the PRINCE2 certification since it was established in 1996. So, the theory of project […]

18 Apr 2012 | ukblog | No Comments | 1,780 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, Uncategorized
The business case for the Cloud

Whenever we start to think about the deployment of new IT capabilities, like Cloud, we should begin by understanding the business benefits that they will bring to the organisation. Exciting new features and functions are not business benefits. For example, being able to access your office emails on your own favourite device, anywhere, might mean that you are not tied to working in the office but if your organisation has spent money so you can do this, what does it get back in return?

27 Jul 2011 | Barry Corless | No Comments | 3,034 views | Categories: Featured, Headline, ITIL & Service Management, Uncategorized
Did you hear the one about the CIO and the Strategist?

OK, I’ll wager plenty of us have grumbled about our boss when it seems their opinions of our approach to good service sway like a palm tree in a hurricane. They can’t seem to make a decision about our service provision or chosen approach and when they do it very often gets changed as quickly […]

12 Jul 2011 | Adam Murphy | No Comments | 1,253 views | Categories: Cisco, Headline, Uncategorized
Cisco predicts global Internet traffic to quadruple by 2015

By 2015 around three billion people, 40% of the world’s population, will be online, resulting in the volume of global Internet data traffic quadrupling. These are just some of the key findings of the fifth annual Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast.  Perhaps the most staggering figures revealed by the survey are that by 2015 […]

6 May 2011 | Simon Vallance | No Comments | 2,026 views | Categories: Featured, Learning and Technology News, Uncategorized
Are you satisfying your employees’ training aspirations?

Our research indicates that many businesses are falling short when it comes to meeting the development aspirations and training needs of their employees. Staff retention is likely to prove a problematic area for many IT departments during 2011. So, with learning and development opportunities being a major factor in the eyes of many employees (72% […]